Five Great Backpacker Destinations

There are many things you need to think about when planning a backpacking trip, such as what to take with you, whether you will work overseas to extend your travels and where to get the best cheap travel insurance. Most fun of course is deciding where to go. Here are a few of our favorite backpacking destinations.

Beautiful beaches? Check. Fabulous cultural sights? Check. Low cost of living? Check. Friendly locals. Check. Wonderful food. Check. Thriving nightlife? Check. Thailand ticks all the boxes. Little wonder it has long been one of the most popular backpacker destinations. Whether its a few days in Bangkok you have in mind or you plan to settle in for a lazy month on one of the country’s stunning islands, it is hard to go wrong as a backpacker in Thailand. And when you have had enough and are ready to move on you will find that Thailand is the hub for all South East Asian backpacking destinations. Planning the next stage of your trip, buying travel tickets, and obtaining visas is easier in Bangkok than anywhere else in the region.

Whether you are an overseas traveller visiting this country or an Aussie hoping to see a bit more of your own country, Australia is a fabulous backpacker destination. The sheer scale of the country means that diversity is guaranteed. Visit the deserts of Central Australia, the tropical splendour of Queensland’s rainforests islands and the bright lights of Sydney and Melbourne and it is hard to believe you are in the same country. A well developed tourist infrastructure caters brilliantly for backpackers. It makes transport and accommodation simple all over Australia, helping to mitigate the large distances to be travelled. Add to that a thriving traveller’s social scene and you have a great destination for a backpacking trip.

Cook Islands
This tiny island nation might seem a surprising choice, but if you are on a round the world trip it is the ideal place to break the long journey between Australia or New Zealand and the United States. Coral atolls, pristine white sand, turquoise waters and generous island hospitality make this a glorious place to kick back and relax before heading home, or on to your next busy destination.

South America has long inspired travellers from around the world, and nowhere is it easier see why than in Peru. Mountains, lakes, rainforests, beaches, ancient ruins, great food and vibrant cities make Peru a spectacular backpacking destination. The ancient Inca site — Machu Pichu — perched high in the mountains is what brings most tourists to the country, but it is the variety of experience that keeps them coming back. Many of the country’s attractions are at high altitude, which can bring some health risks. It is nothing to be paranoid about but it does make travel insurance more important than ever.

United Kingdom
The United Kingdom is a curious place, well known and confusing at the same time. Is it one country or four? Well, that depends whom you ask. The UK is full of such inconsistencies, which is part of its charm. It is a small, densely populated country with an extensive road and rail network, so touring England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales is fairly easy. An abundance of historical sights, attractive and accessible countryside, and the UK’s famous pubs and clubs make visiting the UK a must for any backpacker. Unrivalled transport links to the rest of Europe and beyond only serve to seal the deal.